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when a little (text) means a lot

April 24, 2013
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In our years of working on various materials such as ads, sell sheets, and web sites, we’ve found that there are situations where a lot of copy is perfect… and situations where saying just a bit makes the most impact.

Blog-Content-Callouts2Think about when you flip through a magazine, or see an ad on a bus stop. The most effective ads have an attention-grabbing headline, strong imagery, and a small serving of copy that leaves the reader wanting more. This, coupled with a clear call to action, creates a dynamic, effective impression.

Blog-Content-Callouts3A great sell sheet should be informative but to the point. A recipe for a great sell sheet starts with a clean layout and a dramatic image to grab attention – either of the product or an image related to it. Offer relevant information, lay out specs and details that differentiate your offering, and add some product detail shots or diagrams. Finally, like with the ad, make sure you add a call to action, whether it is a url, address, and/or a phone number.

Blog-Content-Callouts4A website is, believe it or not, the place to be long-winded and descriptive. The more relevant copy you have on your webpages, the more effective the page is as far as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is concerned. Not that every page should be weighed down by an essay! Landing and section pages should be to-the-point, with additional text ‘below the fold,’ where the visitor scrolls down to learn more. Product pages and frequent blog posts are the places to inform and boast, tell background and experience stories, offer testimonials and expert advice. Not only will those pages draw page visits from search engines, they’ll keep your audience coming back for more.


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