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Case Study: Retouching

April 30, 2013
Posted in case studies


Peerless-AV contacted us for an ad highlighting their kiosk enclosure line for a trade show they were attending. Numerous concepts were thrown around but ultimately they wanted to see interaction with the product. Budget and time did not allow for a photo shoot with the product and a model in the high-end space they wanted. So Seam did an extensive search for stock images of suitable spaces and a photo shoot of a man in a suit interacting with the kiosk was set up on-site at Peerless-AV.

guyAfter cropping and cleaning up the selected image from their shoot, the best stock application image (to work with the angles of the man and the kiosk product) was selected. The kiosk was then ‘skinned’ to show that aspect of their customization offerings. A convincing interface needed to be created and placed in the kiosk screen, which was then shadowed to achieve convincing interaction with the model, with reflections added as well.


reflectionFinally, the most challenging part was inventing a darker, matte floor (the original image had a bright, high-gloss tile) and then reflecting the kiosk and model convincingly. This was quite an achievement given the limitations of 2-D images as numerous aspects had to be invented to show areas there was no image information for. The ad was received avidly and reused in a large campaign.


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