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how we work: the project process

May 28, 2013
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To people who don’t do it every day, design can seem like a mysterious business. It’s our goal to simplify this for our clients. We continually work to refine our process to make it smooth for everyone involved, but have found that these four steps serve as an outline for success.


1.) We talk with you!

We believe that our most important skill as designers is our ability to listen and understand. That is: to listen to your needs, and to understand the needs of the audience you’re trying to reach.

2.) You get a proposal.

Based on our initial conversation, we develop a strategy for meeting your goals. Maybe that’s a soup-to-nuts ad campaign, maybe it’s design and copywriting for a product brochure, or it’s developing a memorable trade show-specific website. Whatever the solution entails, we give you an estimate for what we think it will take.*

3.) Work begins!

We strategize further and research everything from your target market to your competition. Then, we work to develop a variety of conceptual design approaches. From this foundation, we begin an iterative process that incorporates stakeholder feedback to achieve the best solution.

4.) We execute.

Utilizing our expertise in print and online, we work hard to make sure that brochures are printed perfectly, websites load quickly, and trade show graphics show up on time and in the right format.

Looking for a bit more detail? Download our identity project process and web project process.

 *We understand (and are sensitive to) budgets. This is why we ask what you have to work with—so we can plan project scope accordingly. Throughout the process, we will keep you informed ahead of time regarding any scope creep that could cause project fee increases.


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