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Making the most of your trade show: Connecting at the show

September 19, 2013
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You’ve done all of the pre-show work, and potential clients are storming your booth. Fantastic! Now, your job is to really engage them. In Part Two of this series, we offer three tips for how to intrigue the crowd, get visitors the information they need, and how to lay the foundation for keeping in touch.

1.) Intrigue the crowd The goal is to develop booth graphics that will – literally – stop traffic, while also speaking to a key selling point (or two). Think of your booth as three-dimensional ad. What are you wanting to push? Can you exaggerate a product feature? Is there a memorable phrase that encompasses what you are doing?

Ciil all-weather TVs booth graphic

The dynamic image used on a booth banner for Ciil all-weather displays worked to introduce Ciil to the market. It features a dynamic image of a TV repelling mud and water. It’s both attention-getting and it speaks to the fully-sealed benefit of the product. The brand name is very prominent on the banner and the brand message – “performs beyond expectations” – not only appears on the banner, but is reinforced with the image inside of the display.

Also consider video: motion is great at capturing attention. A fast-paced, exciting video can get people interested in your company and its products/services.

2.) Provide visitors the information they need

Once they are in the booth, your visitors will have questions. They will look for answers on your walls, from your reps, and in your handout materials.

Features on a vinyl bulkhead

Will you have products displayed? If so, incorporate signage that details specifications and features. At a transportation show, Randall Manufacturing applied key product selling points directly to their bulkheads, which corresponded with the product brochure.

In the booth, ensure your reps are easily identified they should sport branded apparel and look professional but approachable. Finally, give the reps the information they need to reinforce points. Targeted sell sheets and collateral let visitors leave with relevant information they can reference when they get home.

Sell sheets for Randall Steps


3.) Continue the conversation

They’re in, they’re interested… now reinforce the connection! While some visitors will gladly hand over their information to a rep, others may need a little incentive. Often, people think of exchanging an email address/badge scan for a giveaway item. A branded item can be a great choice; just be sure it’s relevant to your brand/product. After all, how many more pens and stress balls do we all need sitting on our desks?

How about a game? Guessing key product features, spinning a wheel for a prize… embrace opportunities to interact with visitors and help make a personal connection.

Remember, it’s okay to have a little fun with – and in – the booth. Who isn’t attracted to a group of people having a good time?

Need help thinking of ways to engage your booth visitors? We’re happy to help you with a free 20-minute brainstorm session. Just get in touch to schedule one today!


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