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Making the most of your trade show: Connecting at the show

You’ve done all of the pre-show work, and potential clients are storming your booth. Fantastic! Now, your job is to really engage them. In Part Two of this series, we offer three tips for how to intrigue the crowd, get visitors the information they need, and how to lay the foundation for keeping in touch. Read the rest of this entry »


Making the most of your trade show:
Pre-show marketing

It’s already September – and trade show season is moving into high gear. We love working with our clients to make each show exhibition a success. In over 10 years, we’ve learned a few things about how to make your trade show investment worthwhile. We created this short series to give you a few ideas to make sure you are maximizing your investment.

Part One: Before the show

The first step is to think of your goals for the show. You want to get people – the right people – to your booth. Your materials should be targeted, to let your clients know how your products and/ or services can solve their problems. At Seam, we’re always an advocate for your audience; what do they want? And how can you give that to them? If your show strategy starts by answering these questions, you’re off to a great start!
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how we work: the project process

To people who don’t do it every day, design can seem like a mysterious business. It’s our goal to simplify this for our clients. We continually work to refine our process to make it smooth for everyone involved, but have found that these four steps serve as an outline for success.


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when a little (text) means a lot

In our years of working on various materials such as ads, sell sheets, and web sites, we’ve found that there are situations where a lot of copy is perfect… and situations where saying just a bit makes the most impact.

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