how we can help

At Seam, we take pride in leveraging our strategic graphic design and web design skills to make our clients successful. Here are just a few ways that we have helped these companies and organizations achieve their goals:

Build & strengthen your brand.

Bradford Settlement Company transitioned to Waterville Advisors in an effort to avoid marketplace confusion. Seam developed a new identity and transition messaging.


Reach new audiences.

Peerless-AV, known for pro-quality products, wanted to enter the retail space. Seam created packaging that showcased the product and its capabilities to a consumer audience.


Create product awareness.

Randall Manufacturing developed a product from recycled materials. Advertising and sell sheets emphasized both eco-friendliness and cost savings.


Engage your donor base.

Interactive invitations helped to sell out major fundraising events for Helping Hand. These thoughtful pieces created excitement even before people stepped through the doors.


Make a splash at a show.

 A series of attention-grabbing ads featuring key salespeople led prospects to a booth of all-new products for Peerless-AV.


Introduce a product.

Ciil weatherproof TVs are the ONLY fully-sealed TVs available. Seam played this up in a series of eye-grabbing ads that introduced them to the market.


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