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Peerless-AV Infocomm Ad

Peerless-AV contacted us to do an ad for their appearance at the Infocomm trade show. As we researched the show publication and saw the competition’s  drab, busy advertisements, we pitched the approach of a clean, bold branding ad that would stoke enthusiasm creating booth traffic. Among the options created was an ad with an optical illusion pattern that reacts with the eye to create movement on the page. Ultimately the client loved the ‘glowing power button’ ad with the tagline “It’s ON” – a playful pun about big exciting things happening.


Peerless-AV Kiosk Advertising

Peerless-AV needed an eye-catching ad to promote a new service at a trade show. Seam’s concept of “Interactive Innovation” perfectly describes the offering; a new line of customizable interactive kiosks. The bright red kiosk was featured at the show, helping to attract attention at the booth. The advertisement has been resized for runs in several publications, and helped to draw substantial attention to the booth.


Peerless-AV Packaging Standards

We worked with Peerless to create detailed packaging standards that define clearly requirements that ensure visual consistency across their product lines.


Peerless-AV Blown Mind Ad Campaign

Seam created a attention-grabbing ad campaign to drive people to the Peerless-AV booth. They featured Peerless-AV salespeople interacting with the product lines they represent in funny situations. Throughout the show, they served as a great talking point for the salespeople. We didn’t ask if autographs were given.