‘Production’ Category


100 Mile Club curriculum guide

We worked with Tufts University to produce this curriculum guide for the 100 Mile Club. The organization’s  brand look, established on their web site, was incorporated throughout the guide. Bright, colorful graphics throughout the guide make the information highly scan-able for busy educators. Handouts are engaging and fun, conveying the excitement of the program to all participants.


H.B. Fuller Construction Products: TEC Sell Sheet

Seam created this sell sheet to promote TEC’s Fast Set Ultimate product. In a glance, recipients are hit with key product points. The back of the sell sheet breaks down technical information for the contractor in an easily-scannable way.


Randall GREEN Bulkhead Product Promotions

When Randall Manufacturing developed a line of environmentally-friendly products (made in part with recycled materials), Seam created advertising, a web page, and sell sheets to promote them.


Wellness Workbook

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s Strong4Life program is a wellness program for employees and community residents. This workbook is a curriculum for families. This large project required attention to detail and smart project planning to execute smoothly.